Case Work

Acquisitions, mergers and shifts in leadership can challenge agency-client relationships. Helping Delta Air Lines navigate sky-high transitions over the last 20 years has revealed a world of commitment.

  • When a beautiful park relies on its website to coax people outdoors year round, choosing the right digital accomplice opens more doors.

  • What motivates action—incentive or inspiration? The balance between promotional and brand efforts can be delicate, but we managed to find the right blend of both with our accomplices at Gap.

  • A new craft brewer had big plans. All that was needed was a brand, packaging and customers. Lots of customers. (Gulp.)

  • Alerus was being outspent by competitors in a time of critical growth. requiring a bold, laser-focused response.

  • Turbulence from a decrease in promotion effectiveness was forcing one of the country’s largest airlines to consider a new approach.