Insight Brewing

Insight Brewing


Industry: Craft beer

Founded: 2015

Client: Since 2015

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Twin Cities Metropolitan Area is a Top 10 craft beer market by volume

A new craft brewery opens every 1.5 days in the U.S.


Insight Brewing had enough brewery space to rank among the top five craft brewers by volume in Minnesota. They just needed a thirsty following to match their hunger for growth.


The brand positioning was inspired by truth. One of the founders had traveled the world to learn craft brewing. Every brew at Insight is inspired by a specific style or ingredient discovered during the founder’s world travels. While most new breweries double down on being “local”, we encouraged Insight to leverage the global inspiration that helped create each unique beer.

Beer names were named and narratives written, weaving the founder’s stories into tales of travel, legends made, and victories won. Among a sea of rivals, a dark and intriguing package design told a story all its own. For every journey, a story. For every story, a beer. For every beer, a toast to the next adventure.


  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Brand identity
  • Product naming
  • Package design
  • Advertising
  • Product launch campaign
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Sale support materials
  • Social media marketing
  • Website design

The Work

The Results

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