Delta Gift Back Project

Delta Gift Back Project

To keep millions of cardmembers happy, we had to buck the trend. 

After the massive success of our acquisition machine, we still had work to do. With over a million new cardmembers on board, our next job was to make sure they stayed in their seats and kept using their card.

Most agencies would suggest launching a limited-time deal to incentivize usage, but we’re not most agencies. Our research uncovered a simple fact: Promotional benefits don’t get people to use one card over another, but emotional benefits do.


The result: A huge swing in spend and retention. Enough to bring the campaign back for Season Two.

We called it the Earned Not Bought strategy, because in order to stay top of mind, we knew we had to appeal to the heart. This led to the Gift Back Project – a video campaign that told the uplifting stories of cardmembers who selflessly gave their time to better their communities. Each story ended with them receiving a gift back from Delta that rewarded their efforts and helped them continue to do good deeds.

We kept the good vibes going by asking for submissions of more stories of people doing good so that Delta could help them out too. We even set up a video booth in-airport so that travelers could submit stories while they waited for their flight.

Delta gift back mobile and desktop display

Promotional offers weren’t getting people to use one card over another. It was time to try something different. “

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