and the web just click.

At Riley Hayes, we apply LoveAction—the powerful fusion of brand creativity and tactical muscle—to everything we do. It’s a philosophy we use at every stage from strategy to concept to development, because we believe your company deserves a digital experience that both enlightens and delights. With our team on your business, you won’t just get a beautiful site, you’ll get a beautiful site that works beautifully. You won’t just move product, you’ll move customers to buy, come back for more, and tell their friends.
  • Built with Drupal 8 CMS
  • Meets WCAG AA accessibility standards
  • Contains interactive GIS maps
  • Uses AWS cloud hosting with autoscaling
  • Serves up to 200k visitors per month

Three Rivers Park District

With a decade-old website desperately in need of reimagining, Three Rivers came to Riley Hayes for help in accomplishing their enormous ambitions. Before a single line of code was written, we worked hand-in-hand with their team identifying the goals of their organization and the needs of their users. After months of planning, designing and developing, we brushed away the dust to reveal a fully accessible, content-managed, beautifully branded website that inspired people to get off their couches and into the parks.

  • Built with PHP Laravel framework
  • Features fully automated reporting dashboard
  • Has user-specific content and A/B testing
  • Uses AWS cloud hosting with autoscaling
  • Serves up to 1 million visitors per month

Delta Air Lines / American Express

Working with not one but two Fortune 100 companies at the same time, on the same project is no small feat. What’s even more remarkable is that we’ve consistently exceeded both their expectations. For the Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express, we’ve built a cardmember acquisition website—a veritable acquisition machine—allowing for infinite landing pages based on a proprietary algorithm. Since taking over the website, we’ve seen double-digit growth year over year and a bounce rate that’s declined by an astounding 77.8%.

  • Built with WordPress CMS
  • Features ShopStyle integration for e-commerce
  • Uses WPEngine for hosting
  • Serves up to 150k visitors per month

Wit & Delight

When you’re the lifestyle blog in Minnesota, you don’t partner with just any digital team. Riley Hayes has the Wit & Delight vibe in constant motion with regular updates keeping the site fresh and in tune with their users. Recently, we’ve integrated a shopping option allowing visitors to purchase items curated by Kate Arends.

  • Built with WordPress CMS
  • Features a modular component system
  • Serves up to 50k visitors per month

Dunwoody College of Technology

Dunwoody College needed their website to better connect with students. We partnered up with their marketing team, wiped the slate clean, and built a website that really made the grade. While it appears on the surface to be a simple WordPress site, its unique architecture allows the marketing team to create modular and flexible pages supporting both current and prospective students.

  • Built with ExpressionEngine CMS
  • Features a map-based bank / ATM finder
  • Includes geo-targeted content
  • Fully integrated Google Site Search
  • Serves up to 100k visitors per month

Alerus Financial

As part of a full-on re-brand that helped usher North Dakota-based Alerus into larger markets like the Twin Cities and Phoenix, we concepted, designed and developed a web experience that makes it easier for people to navigate all the ways Alerus can help them as they navigate all their unique stages of life. From the ATM / Location finder to the integrated Google Site Search, each and every interaction was created with the end user in mind.

  • Built with WordPress CMS
  • Collected thousands of nominations
  • Served up to 20k visitors per month

Delta - The Gift Back Project

To lower attrition for the Delta SkyMiles® Card through brand affinity, the Gift Back Project was a unique way for Delta to award some of America’s most selfless people. Over the course of two years, thousands of nominations were collected from cardmembers, millions of impressions were made, and undoubtedly, countless tears were shed. Four $15,000-award recipients’ stories were selected and featured on the site.

We tech the way we talk.

The Riley Hayes digital team is a passionate group of professional software engineers devoted to impeccable fit and finish. We choose technology on the basis of what’s right for the client, not what’s trendy for developers. We hold pragmatism in the highest regard and have little tolerance for over-engineering. Most of all, we value being good citizens of the web—that means making it work for everyone regardless of who they are, where they are, or which device they have in front of them.