Uponor taps Riley Hayes for global brand evolution

Uponor tapped Riley Hayes as agency partner for its global brand evolution. The agency will be responsible for strategy, branding, and creative. “We’re excited to partner with Uponor” Dan Hoedeman, President of Riley Hayes, said. “We’re working with a talented and dedicated global team at Uponor and we share their drive to create career-defining work.” …

Riley Hayes elevates two in leadership team

Riley Hayes announced an elevated leadership team with Dan Hoedeman promoted to President and Dave Plamann promoted to Chief Operations Officer. Plamann is the first COO and Hoedeman will be just the second President in the agency’s 30-year history. “Dan has been pivotal in creating momentum and success for Riley Hayes” said Founder Tom Hayes.…

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Financial Services: Thinking about new customer acquisition in the time of COVID

Dan Hoedeman VP Engagement

The COVID pandemic is giving this generation of business leaders, including those in the financial industry, the greatest challenge they have faced. For most companies, survival is paramount. For others, there is a growth opportunity. The opportunity comes from the natural disruption we are living through. The unique dynamics of this situation open the door…

What’s next in retail: Five keys for marketers in the COVID-19 era

Dan Hoedeman VP Engagement

The second in a series that looks at the future of retail from the perspective of things marketers can do to make an impact in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic is putting marketers under more pressure than they have faced in their careers. The news and outlook changes by the day, but through it all people…

What’s next in retail: A fresh look at the venerable loyalty program.

Dan Hoedeman VP Engagement

The first in a series that looks at the future of retail from the perspective of things marketers can do to make an impact in 2020. Retail is in a time of aggressive change. Because of this, there is intense pressure on traditional physical retailers, who to face the Amazon behemoth, DTC upstarts, and a…

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Why big clients choose small agencies

Dan Hoedeman VP Engagement

Asked recently to respond to comments from Procter & Gamble CMO Marc Pritchard and Unilever CMO Keith Week chiding ‘big advertising’ for its shortcomings, Martin Sorrell did a good job of selling small agencies when he said “What Marc Pritchard and Keith Weed are signaling, and other advertisers have signaled, is that we have to…

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Retailers: Don’t Discount the Power of Brand Love

Riley Hayes

Access to online information has benefitted advertisers, but also consumers. Strategic consumers (those making purchases based on potential markdowns) are getting more and more sophisticated with the ability to review products, check with influencers, price compare, track specific brands’ discount schedules, and more—all online. Thus, the line between bargain hunting and shopping has become exponentially…

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The Future Of Advertising Is The Past

Dan Hoedeman VP Engagement

Recently, I gave a talk at the Minneapolis AdFed. The topic was “what is the future of advertising?” My answer was simply “the past.” I meant it, too. The incredible technological and communications advances that have roiled the marketing and advertising world aren’t heralding a brave new dawn. Rather they’re demanding a return to the…

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Retailers: Break Through Online Noise Without Destroying Your Rep

Riley Hayes

The digital marketing world was recently shaken by a 22-year-old. If you’re not familiar with him, Logan Paul is a Vlogger and digital influencer who began his career with Vine, whose YouTube videos have upwards of 153 million views, and who has 16.2 million followers on Instagram plus another 1.6 million for his Maverick By…

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Retail Loyalty. Where’s The Love?

Riley Hayes

To deliver on business objectives, big brand ideas matter, but so does tactical execution. Especially in retail. And especially now. Retail consumers, just like yours, have more and more options such as Amazon, Wayfair, Costco, and many others that align with their lifestyle and create easy, seamless shopping experiences. They also have high expectations about…