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Riley Hayes Launches New Work for Rainbow Taxi

Riley Hayes Launches New Work for Rainbow Taxi

June 24 2016

Rainbow Taxi recently greenlighted Riley Hayes to update their aging brand and redesign their fleet. The work debuted on Twin Cities’ roads in early spring. By embracing the Rainbow name and vibe, Riley Hayes helped create a fresh, upbeat alternative to Uber and Lyft.

The work was groundbreaking in more ways than one. Waleed Sonbol, Owner & CEO of Rainbow Taxi says, “The Riley Hayes team broke down barriers in our industry. Regulators changed the graphic design restrictions based on the beauty of their creation.”

“We get giddy every time a Rainbow cab drives by,” said Zaar Taha, Creative Director at Riley Hayes. “And it’s great to see Rainbow growing as fast as they are since the launch of the new brand.”

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