In Action

Happier Trails to You

October 04 2017

The Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card team is at it again, virtually giving free trips away. Another huge bonus-mile offer is out there, right now, just waiting for you to grab it and go. A generous limited-time offer like this needs to cut through the clutter, so Riley Hayes created a campaign that cuts through it all. The new campaign features an airplane and contrails slicing through small offers revealing much bigger ones, or zipping through tasks you’d rather leave behind in favor of a much-needed vacation. With this special offer on the Card and all its superb travel benefits, you’re sure to have happier trails ahead.

The offer may take you to faraway places, but you need not go far to see the campaign. For about the next six weeks, you’ll see it on Delta Air Lines’ website, in and around the airport, and on Delta flights.