In Action

New “We’re Human” Videos: Providers Are People Too!

September 25 2017

We invite you to check out our latest campaign for HealthEast’s providers... errr... people.

It all started with the notion that medical professionals can sometimes seem a little intimidating. You know, they’re just so much smarter than the rest of us, right? Though that’s true (and thank goodness for it), it doesn’t mean that these highly skilled providers aren’t just like you and me in so many other ways. This new video series features some very good natured pediatricians from HealthEast as they struggle to make a basket, desperately try to keep a hula hoop on their hips, and make a few very unintimidating attempts at a crane kick. The good news is, as human as this campaign makes them look, they’re superhuman at taking care of your family.

The “We’re Human” campaign is entirely digital with a strong social media element. Watch the videos now: