In Action

The Story Behind the Stories

July 11 2017

In 2010, Ilan Klages-Mundt, co-owner and self-proclaimed maestro of Insight Brewing, set out to travel the world to learn about the art of brewing beer. And that he did.

His adventures began across the pond, where he farmed hops at Fuller’s Brewery in London. After Fuller’s, Ilan made his way to Japan to further hone his brewing skills at Kiuchi Brewery. From Japan it was back to Europe—Denmark specifically—to work at Fanø and Søgaards Bryghus. As his initial journey came to a close, Ilan headed home to Minneapolis with dreams of starting a local brewery with global inspiration.

On November 21, 2014, Insight Brewing opened to great fanfare. And that’s where Riley Hayes hops in. Greatly influenced by Ilan’s story, we set our sights on the global origins of Insight’s fine ales by creating fantastical narratives that captured Ilan’s epic quest.

But how did these stories come to be, you ask? Behold! Allow this prologue to quench your curiosity.