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LoveAction Spotted!

LoveAction Spotted!

April 18 2017

When we stumble upon LoveAction working its magic elsewhere in the world, we can’t help but point it out and give the appropriate kudos.

Chipotle's "Spot the Imposter" Promotion, Spotted.
By Ben Klaassen, Account Executive at Riley Hayes

Riley Hayes would like to give a big shout­out to Chipotle for their recent Spot the Imposter game promotion (and not just for the free chips and guac either). It’s a delicious example of Love and Action working together to create a consumer connection that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

When we saw Chipotle’s promotion, we were impressed with how they made driving engagement, elevating awareness and generating sales look easy—like watching a steak burrito bowl magically come together before your eyes.

First, they got customers’ attention. Who doesn’t love free chips and guac, right? Before they could get their hands on this salty, limey treat, suddenly salivating customers first needed to take action by playing the game. And that was the hot sauce right there. By challenging customers to find one artificial ingredient amid a sea of Chipotle’s wholesome ingredients like tomatoes, romaine, green bells and avocados, they were able to reinforce love for their brand through one part education and one part entertainment.

Topping it all off, the promotion drove people into the stores, generating a giant mouthful of additional sales. Sure worked on us—six of us went and grabbed our free chips and guac, plus five burritos and one burrito bowl (whatever, Nikki).

At Riley Hayes, we believe only a true LoveAction initiative can deliver both brand affection and business results. Using a combo of strategy and creativity, Chipotle turned up the heat on an otherwise simple promotional idea.