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Tactile Medical is Bringing Healing Home

Tactile Medical is Bringing Healing Home

May 01 2017

Tactile Medical was founded to solve a very real and often overlooked problem: lymphedema. It’s both a painful and visible disease that turns leaving the house into a difficult, stressful and often embarrassing task.

Though over 5 million people suffer from lymphedema, medical school students receive mere minutes of class time on the condition. The result is that patients are often misdiagnosed and can spend years suffering, bouncing from doctor to doctor.

On top of it all, physicians know that the biggest issue they face is patient compliance. It’s one thing to care for a person directly, but once that patient returns home and needs to follow a prescribed care regimen, all bets are off.

Tactile Medical has a solution: a device that drastically improves patient outcomes plus an integrated care guidance approach that drives better compliance.

We pulled the two together with work that focused on the patient to show how Tactile Medical is BRINGING THE FUTURE OF HEALING HOME.

It’s a powerful message that pairs the efficacy of the treatment with the fact that it all happens at home. It’s about focusing on the convenience that matters for the patient without compromising the compliance that matters for the physician.