No End In Site

No End In Site

Congratulations, you've launched an amazing website! Hard to believe that after just a few months, a couple dozen meetings and hundreds of revisions, your digital masterpiece is finally ready for the world to ooh and ahh over.

Go ahead, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. But only a moment, because that’s all the time you’ve got before you need to get back to work.

While you were busy high-fiving and champagne-glass-clinking at the launch party, the project you were celebrating was busy becoming outdated. Frankly, it was old news before the mylar confetti hit the floor.

Is that really true? Yes, it is. But don't get too discouraged; it's been this way since the days of having to hang up the phone to dial up the Internet.

Now, take a deep breath, and repeat to yourself, "a website is never done, only deployed."

Once you’ve embraced this mantra (and downed a couple of espressos), you’re now prepared to seize the opportunity that lies before you to evolve and refine your website. Make it load faster! More secure! More accessible! More... better!

Constant improvement is the only way to ensure you’re continuing to provide value to your customers. So it’s best to devise a clear roadmap and invest heavily in maintenance. And as soon as you sense yourself falling back into complacency, remember that your competition just went ahead of you again, and your software is getting softer by the second.