A new medical device needed a successful launch, so we shined a light on all the ways it would help the physicians who would use it.

Nuvectra needed it’s new medical device to sell quickly, but they were up against some of the biggest names in the highly developed and competitive neurostimulation category.

The device was great, but it didn’t have a single, monumental advance that we could tout. Instead, it had a series of small, calculated upgrades that made a big difference for physicians because it gave them a ton of treatment options. And who doesn’t love options?


Over 300% more clinicians used the device in the first year than projected. 

That thinking led to the Power of Possibilities strategy. We used it to lay the foundation for the brand purpose, brand strategy, and of course, the creative.

While the idea behind “possibilities” is an emotional one, we were talking to highly trained physicians. They wanted to know the facts. They geeked out on the technology. And we knew that they would fact check any claim we made.

So we didn’t just talk generally about possibilities and options – we got specific.”

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