Tactile Medical

Tactile Medical

Tactile Medical needed to make a splash, so we tugged on a few heartstrings.

Tactile had a medical device that was ready to disrupt the category. In addition to being innovative, it was wildly effective – improving clinical outcomes and reducing costs for clinicians, payers, and patients.

But there was a catch. 

Most clinicians wouldn’t be reimbursed for using the device.  Which meant we had to appeal to their heart just as much as to their head.


A hugely successful IPO that ultimately saw Tactile Medical’s stock price increase 450% (and counting).

That led us to to the Get Your Life Back strategy

From the branding elements to trade show booths, from sales support to the advertising campaign, we brought focus, clarity, and a differentiated look to Tactile Medical with the “Heal Right At Home” tagline.

Tactile Magazine feature

 In a category full of rational thinkers, we drove interest by telling the true, inspirational stories of actual patients who benefited from the device. “

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