for Dunwoody College

For Dunwoody, open house attendance and enrollments were reaching a plateau. To take things to the next level, Dunwoody needed to be recognized by potential students as more than just another trade school.

Degrees of Difference.

Supported by its stellar reputation as the Midwest’s premier institution for applied learning, we built brand affection for Dunwoody by appealing to students on an emotional level. Beyond just finding a job after graduation, applicants want a long and rewarding career. Our campaign showed the true difference a Dunwoody degree could make in one’s life.

Getting with the Programs.

Once we got Awareness 101 out of the way (and totally aced it), we shifted our focus to a program-specific ad campaign.

The results certainly made the grade.

With no increase in media spend, Dunwoody saw double-digit growth in both open house attendance and qualified applications since campaign launch.